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Our picks for the best iced coffee in the neighborhood

Now that our neighborhood days are officially saturated with the rays of summer and playing host to humidity filled days and nights, to sip coffee- cold and iced – is seasonally de rigueur. In the modern tradition of the six word memoir, we offer you eight coffee spaces -one on the border of our readership lines – to frequent for reprieve. Each space, described by tasting notes as discerned by our palates, as well as their aesthetic ambiance inspired our list of eight places to bust the heat with cultural cool.

40 Weight Café
492 6th Ave. btw 12th & 13th
6 Word Memoir | Flavor goes boom. Vintage taste, alfresco.
Beans By | 40 Weight
Café Grumpy
383 7th Ave. btw 11th & 12th
6 Word Memoir | Like clingstone peach, sweetness under trees.
Beans By | Café Grumpy
321 7th Ave. btw 8th & 9th
6 Word Memoir | Cocoa bitters. Almond tease. Darling Italy.
Beans By | Stumptown
Crop to Cup
541 3rd Ave. btw 13th & 14th
6 Word Memoir | Ripened berries. Woodsy charm, urban respite.
Beans By | Crop to Cup
De luxe Coffee
410 7th Ave. btw 13th & 14th
6 Word Memoir | A spread of blackberry jam. Home.
Beans By | Doma
Little Zelda
728 Franklin Ave. btw Sterling Pl. & Park Pl.
6 Word Memoir | Chocolate toddy cure. Transmitting the 1950’s.
Beans By | Toby’s Estate
Southside Coffee
652 6th Ave. btw 17th & 18th
6 Word Memoir | Cocoa and Molasses. Palate, whistle away!
Beans By | George Howell
Two Moon Art House & Café
315 4th Ave. btw 2nd & 3rd
6 Word Memoir | Moments of mandarin malt. Artists’ terroir.
Beans By | Birch Coffee


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