Bulldogs for Bastille Day

All Smiles for the French Bulldog Party!

All smiles for the French Bulldog party!




















Instead of storming the Bastille, these Frenchies were storming the water bowls in Cobble Hill last Saturday. For their fourth year in a row the fine goods store By Brooklyn held a French Bulldog party to raise money for a non-profit animal-related organization. This year, they raised money for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues all breeds of dogs from high-kill shelters in the United States.

Ever passionate, the French Bulldog community in Brooklyn turned out to the party in full force. Several of the attendees had their own Instagram presence, like the fashionable Walter, the affable Enzo, and the petite puppy, Frank. Overall, the event attracted thirty-two French bulldogs — Oh. And 100 non-canine guests attended as well.

Sniff, sniff. Do I know you from somewhere?

Sniff, sniff. Do I know you from somewhere?




















While the human attendees may not have been the main attraction, there were plenty of sponsors who donated to cater to their tastes. One Girl Cookies and Stinky Bklyn donated the cookies and cheese, respectively. After all, sweets and cheese are pivotal to La Fête nationale, right? While wine was definitely available, guests were also treated to sake from Dassara Ramen and beer from the Gowanus-based Threes Brewing.  Most importantly, however, there were plenty of dog treats and water bowls on hand to please all the pups.

Wine, Sake, and Beer were available to drink - as well as Water, of course.

Wine, sake, and beer were available to drink – as well as water, of course!




















Between all the bullies, their owners, and other guests who just wanted to come and see the dogs, the benefit raised $1,100 for the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. Whether they’re Frenchies or not, the real winners are Brooklyn’s dogs.
If you happen to be the owner of a Schnauzer or a Dachshund, keep an eye on By Brooklyn’s Facebook page. They have a similar event planned for Oktoberfest in October!


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