Slope Survey: Diana Kane English


The Slope Survey returns for its 6th installment with Diana Kane English, owner of the Diana Kane Boutique on Fifth Avenue. Among many other things, Diana is the creator of the ubiquitous “feminist” t-shirt that you may have noticed around the neighborhood.



What brought you to Park Slope? 

Park Slope  was my landing spot in NYC in 1993 because I got to stay in a friend’s apartment while he was away.. then I moved to (gasp!) Manhattan, but I was back in1996 when I met my now husband (his place was bigger than mine).

What is your most memorable Park Slope moment?  Well.. both my kids were born at home .. those feel like a pretty Park Slope moments, and they were certainly memorable.

Describe your community superpower.  

I’m a talker and a connecter. Bringing people together is my superpower, and it gives me lots of pleasure.

Tell us what a good day for is.  

Enjoying all that my ‘hood has to offer: easy school drop off, yoga, or a walk in the park, coffee with friends, and then a day in the store hanging with my fun, friendly, smart, discerning customers. Seeing people wearing and living with things they bought at my store always makes me feel good too, and I’m lucky enough to have that happen pretty frequently.

What do you think Park Slope will look like in 10 years? in 20 years? 

I think PS will be pretty similar to what it is now, but more so. As long as we have brownstones, Prospect Park, and the Food Co-op,  we’ll still be us.

What were your childhood nicknames?  

Bird, shrimp. But you know, if you call me that I may kill you.

What is your greatest extravagance?  

Do the Cotton Candy grapes at the co-op count?

If you couldn’t live in Park Slope or in Brooklyn, where would you go?  

Rome.. or maybe Paris  or maybe a cabin in the back woods of Maine.

Who is your hero, real or fictional?  

Ruth Bader Ginsburg; Colin Kaepernick; Michelle Obama; anyone persevering in the face of challenges.



You can visit Diana at her boutique:


229 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11215



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