Our Town: Park Slope in Pictures


Park Slope views…

To me, it’s Park Slope hues.

Hues in the skies which I tell myself never to forget to look up at.

Hues in the views which I love so much from my rooftop.

Hues in the facades of the beautifully short buildings which surround us in this neighborhood like a warm hug.

Hues in the friendly faces, those I know and those I don’t, but all who I smile at and who smile back in return.

I love hues.

I love you.


Rachael Olmi


Stoops for miles.


Early to school.


You can almost see what it used to look like here.


Don’t forget to look up.


First lights on.


Play ball!


Heavenly winter light.


Streetlamp and full moon.


Winter park.


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