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Park Slope Reader Advertising Contract Agrement/Contract Terms
I agree to advertise in Park Slope Reader, pursuant to the following terms of this contract: (1) I agree that payment for the first issue must accompany this form. For each issue thereafter, I will pay by credit card or when billed. (2) I understand that my listing will automatically rerun, as it last appeared, unless Park Slope Reader receives changes through email, mail or fax by the next deadline date listed in the deadline reminder. For 4 issue contracts, I understand it is my responsibility to keep track of ad deadline dates and submit ads (if changed) and payment on time. (3) I agree that Park Slope Reader can charge my credit card the amount owed for the current issue at each deadline date unless I choose to pay by check or money order. (4) If I choose to discontinue my contract, I need to notify Park Slope Reader in writing, prior to the deadline date. (5) I understand and agree that if for any reason I do not run my advertisement in all of the consecutive issues that I have contracted for, I will pay the one-time rate for each of the advertisements that have actually been published. In this event, the amount I owe would be the difference between the non-contract price (one-time) and the 4 time price for each of the advertisements that were published in Park Slope Reader. Please contact us if any of these terms are not clear.

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