Draft Protection


My son was born on Thanksgiving, which meant that he was a newborn in the coldest weather New York has to offer. This concerned me. Since I was the first of my friends to have a baby, my go-to resource for parenting guidance was my grandmother and she has a thing about children and cold. Specifically, drafts. I thought this obsession was unique to my grandmother until I stayed with some of her relatives one summer in Italy, and every evening at dusk, they’d patrol the house, slamming windows shut against the summer breeze. They had no air conditioning, incidentally.…

Teaching in the Slope


We met two neighborhood teachers to learn what’s in store for Park Slope students this year and what makes teaching in our neighborhood unique. The school year is now in full swing, and Park Slope’s many teachers have returned to their classrooms to begin a new year of lessons, games, and projects with their students. We met with two neighborhood teachers, Ilana Dogim from P.S. 321 and Chris Rochford from P.S. 39, to find out what’s in store for Park Slope students this year and what makes teaching in our neighborhood unique. “I see my role as helping students fall…

Chasing Sanitation


What you don’t know about Eric Morales is what he knows about you. He knows you throw out a lot of nice furniture.  He knows that you’re big wine drinkers and faithful recyclers. He knows that your household goes through New Yorkers and W Magazine about as fast as you go through wine and/or diapers. He knows that you’re trendsetters. But what bugs him is how you bicycle around the neighborhood. “Yeh, like how they squeeze between the trucks and parked cars! Like it’s not dangerous? And then some of them with their kids on a seat on the back…

Evidence of Autumn


The air is crisp, the leaves are colorful, and we found a whole new crop of items and activities to peek our interests. THE STREETS ARE ALIVE Atlantic Antic Sunday, October 2, 2011 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. Atlantic Avenue: Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue This year marks the 37th annual Atlantic Antic.  On October 2nd, Atlantic Avenue is closed to traffic from Hicks Street to Fourth Avenue.  Instead, the streets are filled with food vendors and live music.  Spanning over one mile, it is the largest festival in New York City.  As the weather gets cooler, it provides the perfect…

Veggies On Top


I like to think I have an open mind. So last Spring when The Edible Guy called to pitch veggie-centric gardens I didn’t blow him off completely.

Anger Management


I’m a mother. I try to hide that fact from you because, well, it softens my edge as a hypocritical life coach. You want a certain amount of command from the person you get advice from whether you pay them or not.

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