Awaken Your Inner Yogi


Anyone who is even slightly aware of yoga knows that it’s a recreational activity that may be practiced by just about anyone – young or old, fit or rotund.

Fun in the Summertime


Park Slope has so much to offer during the summer.  Here’s a look at the things we find new and exciting this season. If you have something you would like to share, send it along to us at A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC Celebrate Brooklyn! – Concerts in Prospect Park The beautiful thing about living close to Prospect Park is that you have all the benefits of a back yard without having to do the mowing. During the summer, the park burst with activity. Day and night you will find ways to occupy your time. My absolute favorite way to…

Power Out


Tom said, “Listen to this. Due to extensive cuts in the quarter’s revised operational budget, Franklin City Council has called for an immediate restriction of municipal power usage between 10 p.m. and 4 a.m. Mayor Barclay encourages Franklin residents to make use of their porch and garage lights if they need to be outdoors at night.” At ten o’clock the streetlamps faded, held dimly for a moment in the neighborhood dark then clicked off completely, bathing the streets in silence and night. “Still,” Layla says to Tom over the paper, “We’ve got it better than Newark. They’ve eliminated twelfth grade.”…

Taxes and Class Warfare


We’re in a class war. It’s the corporations and the very wealthiest against all the rest of us. We’re losing. What’s wrong with the rich getting richer? In the United States, periods of high income inequality correlate with bubbles followed by crashes that include massive bank failures. They cue depressions and recessions. It happened in the 1920’s, the 1980’s, and then again in 2008. Timothy Noah, in The United States of Inequality (Slate, 9/30/10), wrote, “Income distribution in the United States [has become]more unequal than in Guyana, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and roughly on par with Uruguay, Argentina, and Ecuador.”…

Renewal and Rebirth


It’s spring. It’s time for my yearly column about renewal or rebirth. Time for my impassioned demand that we all support our farmers and attempt to grow something in our window boxes and tree pits. Time for my plea for more political action around clean air and water issues. For some reason, I just can’t bring myself to do it this year. That winter we just endured left me bitter and uninspired. Fortunately for us, I’ve been neglecting my mail so I have my pick of the letter litter for this issue’s column. Do all the stuff that I should…

Little House on the Slope


I’m not much of a fan of historical fiction. Details about how women laced their corsets in Victorian England or what kind of muskets soldiers used in the Revolutionary War typically bore me to tears. But now that most of my reading is done at my children’s bedtime, my standards and tastes have, well, shifted. Now that I spend my nights reading Junie B. Jones and Snow White: A Castle Mystery, a well-wrought piece of literature like Little House on the Prairie is a welcome relief, even if it does include a step-by-step, ten-page description of how to make a…

Starter Bride Guide


We all know that as a bride you assume a huge amount of responsibility while planning a wedding. Therefore, we would like to offer assistance this spring by suggesting that you shop local as you prepare for your special day. There are a couple of reasons to shop local. First, your life will be easier when vendors are nearby to answer questions and take care of last-minute details. Second, this is a highly talented community where you can find unique goods and services of the highest quality. Third, and perhaps most importantly, your guests will get a peek into the…

Camp Friendship


Celebrate Diversity at Brooklyn’s Summer Day Camps Even with mounting anecdotal evidence touting the effectiveness of immersive learning, many youngsters still spend countless classroom hours feeling disengaged. That is among the reasons why making the most of a child’s time away from the classroom is so important. Summer day camp offers children a chance to capitalize on their interests in targeted learning environments. Many participants show a marked improvement in their social skills, or even a greater ability to tap into analytical thinking processes, prompted by the tasks of solving specific problems. Once out of the classroom, and beyond the…

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