Baby Yourself


It was quite early in the morning on March 27, 1953 when Alva Cohen arrived at Columbia Women’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. quite late into her labor.  So late, in fact, that she started to give birth in the hospital elevator.  Even though her labor was going along normally—and quickly—approximately ten minutes before her child was born, she was administered Sodium Pentathol—a drug that has also been used as a truth serum and, in large doses, for lethal injection—as a matter of hospital procedure.  When she woke, she had a healthy daughter, Janet.  But she had missed the moment of…

Adults Can Go Back to School, Too


I never liked school as a kid. As an adult, however, I love taking all sorts of classes that take my mind off of daily obligations. With school starting again, there’s no better time to build career skills, meet like-minded neighbors, explore extracurricular passions, and just plain enjoy yourself. This guide only scratches the surface of the wide range of classes, programs and lectures that exist in Park Slope. Use it as inspiration for further research! The Body Prospect Park Tennis • 718-436-2500 The Prospect Park Tennis Center offers classes for both adults and kids. Contact the park for…

Too Old to Hold


Sometimes it is difficult to identify exactly what is at work in a great piece of fiction. Is it the voice? The character? The plot? Often, the better the writing, the harder it is to talk about what makes it so good. Chang works her magic with this piece, leaving the reader hopeful, yet sad, laughing, but reflecting. She has injected into her work that special something, a secret seasoning that is the key to all good writing. Rachel Ephraim is Founder and Director of FreeBird Workshops. For more information, visit: My sister’s house was burgled last week.  Someone…

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